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Regerandets Konst
Så löd titeln på den s k Wibbleföreläsning som jag höll för Ohlininstitutet i förstakammarsalen i riksdagen tidigare i dag. Ett försök att se på regerandets avgörande uppgifter i Sverige i ett lite längre tidsperspektiv, med regeringsskiftena 1976, 1991 och det som skall komma senare i år i fokus.
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Stormaktstidens Lyckliga Slut
Under den rubriken rescenserar DN:s Niklas Ekdahl den andra delen av Lars Fredens bok om svensk politik kring Estlands, Lettlands och Litauens frigörelse och etablering av sin självständighet. En intressant rescension av en än mer intressant bok.
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Lennart Meri on Communism
Estonias late President Lennart Meri died earlier today. He was a true European statesmen who took his country to liberty and into both the European Union and NATO. But he was also an intellectual and a man deeply rooted in history. This speech on the lessons of Communism was given at a seminar in Stockholm in 1999 and is more than worth reading.
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New Europe and the High North
The Annual Conference of the Confedersation of Norwegian Industries was this year devoted to the challenges of the High North. With energy supply issues becoming increasingly important, there is vast interest in the potential for oil and gas in the High North. Attention is shifting rapidly from the North Sea to the Barents Sea. I spoke about the wider implications, not the least of Russia and Europe in the light of the Ukraine gas conflict.
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Global Europe
How is Europe doing in this time of accelerating globalisation? That was the subject of my speech at a reception with Kreab London, where I tried to give a somewhat broader - and somewhat more optimistic - perspective on the issue.
7/12/2005 Read further 

Dayton Decennium Senare
Det var för exakt tio år sedan som fredsavtalet om Bosnien undertecknades i Dayton i USA efter tre veckor av utdragna förhandlingar och ett antal mycket dramatiska månader. Ett decennium senare blickar jag tillbaka och försöker dra slutsatser för framtiden.
20/11/2005 Read further 

Bosnia From 1995 to 2014
My remarks as prepared for delivery at the big Geneva conference on Bosnia a decade after Dayton.
20/10/2005 Read further 

Go East!
At the Eastern European Business Forum 2005 in Stockholm, a panel consisting of former Russian PM Yegor Gaidar, Sandra Kalniete from Latvia, EBRD President Jean Lemierre and myself were asked to give an overview of the region. Here are my remarks as prepared for delivery.
13/10/2005 Read further 

Keep the Internet free!
The ongoing preparations for the World Summit on Information Society in Tunis in November has so far not attracted much attention, but beyond the headlines there is a battle royal for the control over the Internet. And suddenly the European Union has wavered off in the wrong direction. In an OpEd in the International Herald Tribune today, I tried to attract more attention to the subject.
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Gustaf Mannerheim
På ett seminarium på Finlands ambassad i Stockholm diskuterades Gustaf Mannerheim och hans betydelse. Jag gjorde försöket att se hans gärning vid kritiska tidpunkter i det perspektiv som han möjligen själv gjorde, och då inte minst med Ryssland som utgångspunkten.
29/9/2005 Read further 

We Must Overcome the Crisis of Europe
At the Annual Conference in Paris of the European Union Institute of Security Studies I was asked to speak on how to overcome the present perceived crisis of the European Union.
26/9/2005 Read further 

Decline of Hard and Soft Powers
At the 3rd Global Strategic Review of the International Institute of Strategic Studies I was asked to be the European opening speaker on the question whether we had managed to restora a viable strategic dialogure across the Atlantic. Here are my remarks as prepared for delivery.
17/9/2005 Read further 

Minnesord över Bertil Lundin
I såväl SvD som DN publicerades de minnesord som Jonas Hafström och jag skrev över Bertil Lundin i samband med hans bortgång. Det var ett försök att skildra icke bara en person utan också det tysta arbete som de som arbetar inom underrättelsetjänsten utför.
2/7/2005 Read further 

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