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First Email Bildt to Clinton
The first email ever between heads of government was sent February 4, 1994 between Rosenbad in Stockholm and the White House in Stockholm. Here the text of our exchange. And another one two months later with the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Both part of the history of the Internet.

From: [email protected] "Carl Bildt"
To: [email protected]
Subject: From PM Carl Bildt / Sweden to President Clinton
Date: 4-FEB-1994 09:51:26

Dear Bill,

Apart from testing this connection on the global Internet system, I want to
congratulate you on your decision to end the trade embargo on Vietnam. I am
planning to go to Vietnam in April and will certainly use the occasion to
take up the question of MIA's. From the Swedish side we have tried to be
helpful on this issue in the past, and we will continue to use the contacts
we might have.

Sweden is - as you know - one of the leading countries in the world in the
field of telecommunications, and it is only appropriate that we should be
among the first to use the Internet also for political contacts and
communications around the globe.



From: R. Paul Richard
Subject: To Prime Minister Bildt from President Clinton
Date: 5-FEB-1994 19:50:48

Dear Carl:

I appreciate your support for my decision to end the trade embargo on
Vietnam and thank you for all that Sweden has done on the question of the

I share your enthusiasm for the potential of emerging communication
technologies. This demonstration of electronic communication is an important
step toward building a global information superhighway.



His Excellency
Carl Bildt
Prime Minister of Sweden


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Regarding my visit to Vietnam
Date: Sunday, April 02, 1994 02:26:28 PM

For His Excellency Mr Vo Van Ciet,
the Prime Minister of the Socialistic Republic of Vietnam

Dear Prime Minister Vo Van Ciet

In just a few days I will be arriving in Vietnam on the first visit by a
Prime Minister of Sweden to your country, which I look forward to very much.

Both of our countries are entering new eras. Sweden has just concluded its
negotiations on membership of the European Union, and we look forward to
play an active role in its outward oriented foreign and trade policies
during the coming years.

Your country is playing an increasingly important role in the transition if
Indo-China from a battlefield to a marketplace, thus furthering not only the
development of your own country but also the stability and peace of the
region as a whole. By opening up your economy to free trade and free
enterprises, you are creating new possibilities for your people and your

And we are both entering the global information society, in which barriers
to the free flow of information, ideas and people are gradually being
brought down by the revolutionary development of new communication

It is a sign of these new times for the world at large as well for our two
countries that the first direct contact between the two of us takes place
through the global Internet system.


Carl Bildt
Prime Minister of Sweden


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Greetings from Vietnam
Date: Monday, April 04, 1994 10:00:58 AM

H.E Mr. Carl Bildt
Prime Minister of Sweden

Dear Prime Minister Carl Bildt

I would like to express my personal thanks to you for your letter of April
3rd, 1994 via INTERNET and our sincere thanks to you for the fine words that
you have accorded to the Government and people of Vietnam.

Thanks to your initiative, this is the first time we can communicate
directly via the INTERNET in order to exchange ideas on issues of mutual

The Government, people of Vietnam and myself will be very happy to welcome
you, the first Swedish Prime Minister to visit Vietnam, bringing to the
people of Vietnam the fine sentiments of the brotherly Government and people
of Sweden. I am strongly confident that your visit will usher in a new
chapter in the cooperative relations between our two countries.

Yours Sincerely

Vo Van Kiet Prime Minister Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Institute of Information Technology - Vietnam
Ngia Do Tel: +84 4 345405
Tu Liem Fax: +84 4 345217
Hanoi e-mail: [email protected]



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