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Biljana Plavsic
Former President of Republika Srpska Biljana Plavsic has been indicted by ICTY for war crimes. She was a key ally of the international community in implementing the Dayton Peace Agreement after the war. Here my comment.

It is now up to the International Tribunal to swiftly put Mrs Plavsic to trial in order to determine whether the charges directed against here will hold water or not. This can only be ascertained after a free and fair trial.

After the peace in Bosnia, I got to know Mrs Plavsic as a person of integrity and principle. I know of no person in Republika Srpska who during the critical years after the war took greater political and personal risks for democracy and the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement than she did. She stood up against both Mr Karadzic and Mr Milosevic with both force and conviction, and was instrumental in neutralizing their influence over developments in Bosnia.

During my years as High Representative in Bosnia the International Tribunal issued no indictments or charges against her. From the side of the international community, we accordingly cooperated closely with her.

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