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War in Iraq?

Everyone is speculating about a coming war to change the regime in Bagdhad.

It is likely that the UN Security Council will put though conditions to Saddam Hussein.

His defiance of the UN has been going on for a decade.

There is no doubt that he has been trying to hide weapons of mass destruction.

And there is no denying that his regime is an exceedingly brutal one.

Force might be necessary if he continues to defy the United Nations.

And then that force will get rid of the present regime in Iraq.

The big question is what will come thereafter.

This will be an enormous challenge in a region of great complexity and even greater instability.

It will be the most demanding foreign policy commitment of the United States for half a century.

And it will have profound consequences for Europe as well.

The Middle East is our "near abroad".

So it's high time we start the debate on the future of Iraq and the region of the Middle East.

The work with the new constutution of Europe has now started in earnest.

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