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Congratulations, Denmark!

The Copenhagen EU Summit was an historic success.

Coming after the Prague NATO summit, it paved the way for a profound transformation of Europe.

By May 1 2004 new members in the Baltic area and Central Europe will enter both organisations.

The Danish Presidency of the EU has been praised by all.

Faced with one of the most demanding agendas for decades, it succeeded on almost all the issues.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has got praise all over Europe.

The only set-back was the failure to reach an agreement over the divided island of Cyprus.

There is hope that this will happen during the next few months.

This is of great importance. Failure here will signal a greater failure in bridging gaps between nations and cultures.

But for the moment - it's all praise for Denmark all over Europe!

The work with the new constutution of Europe has now started in earnest.

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