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Strong Euro

Suddenly the problem is not that we have a weak Euro.

Now, there is talkn of the strength of the Euro being a new problem.

Since this time last year, the Euro has strengthened versus the dollar with app 16%.


And there is no doubt this can be a problem for firms in the Euro countries.

But it is certainly no relief to countries outside like Sweden.

On the contrary.

Because here firms have to deal with the uncertainty of both the dollar and the Euro.

A double uncertainty.

When the big currencies start to move, the small ones are often caught in the middle.

This risks happening now.

And firms have to deal with the double uncertainty.

As members of the Euro, we would still have the uncertainty of the relation with the dollar.

But we would have stability for most of our trade.

A big difference indeed.

The work with the new constutution of Europe has now started in earnest.

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