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Dayton Decennium Senare
Det var för exakt tio år sedan som fredsavtalet om Bosnien undertecknades i Dayton i USA efter tre veckor av utdragna förhandlingar och ett antal mycket dramatiska månader. Ett decennium senare blickar jag tillbaka och försöker dra slutsatser för framtiden.
20/11/2005 Read further 

Bosnia From 1995 to 2014
My remarks as prepared for delivery at the big Geneva conference on Bosnia a decade after Dayton.
20/10/2005 Read further 

International Balkan Commission Report
Here the report from the International Commission on the Balkans. Worth reading for everyone interested in one of the most important and complex issues facing the European Union.
12/4/2005 Read further 

International Balkan Commission
Chaired by former Italian Prime Minister Amato, a new International Commission on the Balkans has recently been set up. Bringing together both international and regional personalities, it aims at presenting its report early in 2005. I am one of the members of the Commission.
8/8/2004 Read further 

Broar på Balkan
Balkans historia är i mångas avseenden dess broars historia. Krönika i SvD med reflektioner om broarna vid Mostar, Visegrad, Mitrovica, Novi Sad och Skopje och deras betydelse för också dagens utveckling i regionen.
27/7/2004 Read further 

Other articles on Balkans :

Never Accept Ethnic Cleansing
22/3/2004 Read further 

Close the Reform and Reconciliation Gap!
27/9/2003 Read further 

Sergio Viero de Mello
20/8/2003 Read further 

Baltic Lessons for the Balkans
2/7/2003 Read further 

Our Responsibility for the Balkans
21/3/2003 Read further 

Peace in the Balkans?
10/7/2002 Read further 

From Black Hole to Bright Hope
25/2/2002 Read further 

Learning in the Balkans
20/2/2002 Read further 

Integration or Disintegration?
11/11/2001 Read further 

Sanningen om Srebrenica
3/8/2001 Read further 

Milosevic i Haag
29/6/2001 Read further 

EAPC Briefing on Balkans
8/6/2001 Read further 

Montenegro Decides
23/4/2001 Read further 

Rättvisan och Milosevic
1/4/2001 Read further 

No to Balkan Apartheid
26/3/2001 Read further 

War in Macedonia?
23/3/2001 Read further 

Coordination Southern Serbia
27/2/2001 Read further 

Biljana Plavsic
10/1/2001 Read further 

Second Chance in the Balkans
7/1/2001 Read further 

Bosnia After Five Years
18/12/2000 Read further 

Election resuls from Bosnia
11/11/2000 Read further 

God morgon, Serbien!
6/10/2000 Read further 

Revolution in Belgrade
5/10/2000 Read further 

Kostunica Speaks
27/9/2000 Read further 

Belgrade Media Center
23/9/2000 Read further 

Free Serbia
21/9/2000 Read further 

NATO Briefing on New Balkan Issues
13/9/2000 Read further 

Millennium Declaration
9/9/2000 Read further 

Towards a New World
5/9/2000 Read further 

Will Serbia Save Itself?
4/9/2000 Read further 

Towards a Self-Sustaing Peace
23/6/2000 Read further 

Is the Peace a Success?
25/5/2000 Read further 

New Repression in Serbia
21/5/2000 Read further 

Tokyo on Peace in the Balkans
16/5/2000 Read further 

Tokyo on Peace in the Balkans
16/5/2000 Read further 

Balkan Cyberwar?
15/4/2000 Read further 

We The Peoples
3/4/2000 Read further 

One Year After
24/3/2000 Read further 

Force and Diplomacy
17/3/2000 Read further 

Kosovo - the European contribution
13/3/2000 Read further 

Latest News from United Nations
5/3/2000 Read further 

Latest News from Kosovo
5/3/2000 Read further 

Peacekeeping at the Brink
4/3/2000 Read further 

Balkans in the UN Security Council
29/2/2000 Read further 

Options for Kosovo's Future
25/2/2000 Read further 

Kosovo Darkens?
16/2/2000 Read further 

Dödad av Sig Själv
16/1/2000 Read further 

United Opposition in Serbia
11/1/2000 Read further 

Latest News on Refugees
8/1/2000 Read further 

8/1/2000 Read further 

Latest News from United Nations
29/12/1999 Read further 

Balkan Past - Balkan Futures
24/12/1999 Read further 

Joint Administration in Kosovo
17/12/1999 Read further 

After Six Months in 1996
17/12/1999 Read further 

After Elections - Towards Europe
17/12/1999 Read further 

FN och folkmordet i Rwanda
16/12/1999 Read further 

Options for Peace in Kosovo
15/12/1999 Read further 

Reform - Reintegration - Reconstruction
15/12/1999 Read further 

Latest News from Kosovo!
15/12/1999 Read further 

Six Months in Kosovo
14/12/1999 Read further 

New Reports on Kosovo
7/12/1999 Read further 

Possibilities for Peace in Southeastern Europe
16/3/1999 Read further 

London Speech on Balkan Lessons
8/12/1998 Read further 

"Uppdrag Fred"
20/11/1997 Read further 

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