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Foreign & security policy  

Decline of Hard and Soft Powers
At the 3rd Global Strategic Review of the International Institute of Strategic Studies I was asked to be the European opening speaker on the question whether we had managed to restora a viable strategic dialogure across the Atlantic. Here are my remarks as prepared for delivery.
17/9/2005 Read further 

Minnesord över Bertil Lundin
I såväl SvD som DN publicerades de minnesord som Jonas Hafström och jag skrev över Bertil Lundin i samband med hans bortgång. Det var ett försök att skildra icke bara en person utan också det tysta arbete som de som arbetar inom underrättelsetjänsten utför.
2/7/2005 Read further 

Peaceful Rise of China?
The so called peaceful rise of China is increasingly in focus in the global debate, be that on issues of trade, of tensions in East Asia or of wider security. I was invited to address a major conference in Chongqing in western China, and tried to point at some of the challenges ahead in these respects.
25/4/2005 Read further 

Palestine Election Observation
Together with former US President Jimmy Carter, I will Co-Chair an independent delegation that will monitor the elections in Palestine January 9. We will be in Palestine from January 5th to 11th with an international group of observers covering the different parts of the West Bank and Gaza. The group is organized by the US National Democratic Institute and the Carter Center. Link to press release in Washington.
1/1/2005 Read further 

Four More Years
Med 51 % mot 48 % blev det en imponerande seger f�r George Bush och det republikanska partiet i det amerikanska valet. F�r Expressen sammanfattade jag resultatet, bakgrunden och vad som sannolikt ligger framf�r oss.
4/11/2004 Read further 

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The Future of Multilateralism
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Peace & War in Post-Westphalian World
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Five Years of ESDP
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Dangers of Disintegrating Iraq
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The New Global Challenges
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Intelligence for a Better World
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Build States - not Nations
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To Win the Peace after the War
27/10/2003 Read further 

The New Task of State Building
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Seven Lessons of Nation Building
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Sverige och Finland i Nya Europa
6/5/2003 Read further 

Vad vill Sverige?
25/3/2003 Read further 

Den Haltande Moralismens Decennier
23/3/2003 Read further 

End the Decades of War in Iraq
28/1/2003 Read further 

Pre-Emption and Weapons of Mass Destruction
13/1/2003 Read further 

Fight Poverty - Not Patents
7/1/2003 Read further 

Sanning f�r sv�r f�r Ekeus.
21/12/2002 Read further 

The Post-Prague Agenda for NATO
22/11/2002 Read further 

Towards a Clash of Civilizations?
7/11/2002 Read further 

Svensk? S�kerhet?
24/10/2002 Read further 

The New Security Agenda
16/10/2002 Read further 

State Building and International Security
13/9/2002 Read further 

N�ra Allians med USA
10/9/2002 Read further 

Free Trade for Africa!
18/6/2002 Read further 

Security for a New World
11/6/2002 Read further 

SACLANT ODU Speech on Webcast
14/5/2002 Read further 

Global Coalition Against Global Terrorism
13/5/2002 Read further 

Finns en Nordisk Modell?
16/4/2002 Read further 

O Du Heliga Enfald!
22/3/2002 Read further 

Success during Years of Danger
20/3/2002 Read further 

Debatt Ekeus KKrVA
19/3/2002 Read further 

Kommentar Rad f�r Rad av Ekeus i Ub�tsfr�gan
18/3/2002 Read further 

Create an "Axis of Good"
19/2/2002 Read further 

To Win Peace - Not Only War
18/2/2002 Read further 

A Dangerous New World
6/2/2002 Read further 

Mer Kritik av Ekeus
7/1/2002 Read further 

Ekeus El�ndiga Rapport
5/1/2002 Read further 

Kofi Annan Nobel Lecture
11/12/2001 Read further 

A Belated Defence of the Soviet Union
25/11/2001 Read further 

F�rs�k till F�rsenat F�rsvar av Sovjet
24/11/2001 Read further 

Oklart F�rs�k till Klarhet
15/11/2001 Read further 

Baltic Security and NATO
9/11/2001 Read further 

Gr�nsl�st �r B�ttre
6/11/2001 Read further 

New Efforts for Peace
25/10/2001 Read further 

Skyldigheten att F�rsvara
8/10/2001 Read further 

United Nations against Terrorism
18/9/2001 Read further 

Strategi mot Terrorismen
15/9/2001 Read further 

Det kunde inte varit v�rre...
12/9/2001 Read further 

Riyadh Speech on Global Challenges
30/5/2001 Read further 

Om Sudan och Oljan och Freden
21/3/2001 Read further 

St Andrews Lecture
1/12/2000 Read further 

Sanningen om S�kerhetspolitiken
31/3/2000 Read further 

�nskerepris Ub�tar
10/3/2000 Read further 

Stim av ub�tsrykten
8/3/2000 Read further 

Sveriges s�kerhet i det nya Europa
19/1/1998 Read further 

Ub�tsdebatt 1995
14/2/1995 Read further 

Ub�tsfr�gan - intr�destal i Krigsvetenskapsakademien
4/12/1990 Read further 

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