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Peace for Iraq

Will there be peace for the peoples of Iraq?


But peace can not be the preservation of what they have now.

60 % of the population dependent on food aid.

Hard economic sanctions since a decade back.

One of the most repressive regimes to be found.

Constant confrontations with the international community.

Bombings now and then.

Few would have the idea of calling this state of affairs peace.

True peace must be something different

A reasonably representative government.

A minimum of repression.

Free trade and interaction with the outside world.

An economy that provides jobs and food for everyone.

A country thrusted by th outside world.

The problem is that nothing of this is possible with Saddam.

He remains thekey obstactle to true peace.

His removal without war would be the by far best solution.

It might still happen.

But if it does not, we are heading for war.

A war paving the way for peace.

Instead of the present peace being a disguise for war.

It will be painful. Innocent will die.

But at the least it will bring some hope for the future.

Peace after all decades of terror, war and sanctions.

The work with the new constutution of Europe has now started in earnest.

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